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Sep 29, 2010 6:00pm PDT
migrants. the eu commission is giving paris two weeks to incorporate eu guarantees of free movement into its own domestic law or face legal proceedings. france has expelled roma thousands expelled to romania and bulgaria this summer, bulldozing camps where they were living on the outskirts of french cities, as part of what president sarkozy has declared a crackdown on crime. >> the european commission are has been the most vocal critic of france of's policies regarding roma migrants. now other members of the commission had agreed to challenge paris on the matter. france has until october 15 to change its policies or face legal action. >> the treaties the european commission is determined to uphold eu law. and will do so for all eu member states, whether big or small. >> the commission says the deportation of roma migrants from one eu country to another infringes on eu freedom of movement laws. some human rights organizations see other abuses as open they accused germany, for instance, of reporting roma refugees to cross the vote, a non-eu country in and economic position to take the
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm PDT
business news. >> our top stories. protest against plans to raise the retirement age in france. >> eu finance ministers agreed to tougher banking regulations. >> internally is told it must try harder to create a more highly skilled graduates. ♪ >> french workers have taken to the streets to protest against the government's pension reforms. they want president nicolas sarkozy to drop plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. the destruction caused widespread destruction in a number of areas, including public transport. >> the unions had aimed for a massive show of strength against the reform. police say hundreds of thousands took to the streets across france. many are deeply uneasy about seeing the retirement age raised to 62. >> the movement is so big that the message cannot be ignored. the reforms need to be changed. >> the strikes launched late on monday in mainly targeted the public sector, including rail transport. metro services in paris are only running every 30 minutes. commuters were packed into overcrowded carriages. there were long waits at the airport, too. still a
Sep 16, 2010 6:00pm PDT
years. the father of a german teenager who killed people goes on trial for manslaughter. an eu summit on foreign policy has been overshadowed between a dispute between france and the eu over the deportation of roma people. they compared the situation is to the situation in world war ii and question their legality. >> leaders ended the note on a cordial note. the mood was frosty at the summit. nicolas sarkozy was said to be furious about the comments about roma deportation from france. he is reported to have had a heated exchange with the european union president. >> allow me to say that this comparison with the second world war with what is happening in our country, that is no argument. it is an insult. it is hurtful. it is a humiliation and the exaggeration. >> sarkozy was outraged that the justice commissioner appeared to compare france's actions to jewish deportations by the nazis. many leaders agreed with him. >> i made it clear that the town and choice of words was not appropriate. we must treat each other and individual institutions with respect. i believe that is important. >>
Sep 17, 2010 6:00pm PDT
country of origin. sarkozy said it after an eu summit in brussels. the meeting was called to discuss foreign policy but was overshadowed by the controversial deportation. sarkozy also talked with the eu commission had about the issue. >> president nicolas sarkozy lsd eu summit after a war of words over the controversial deportations. after clashing with the european commission president, sarkozy also angered germany by climbing berlin also plans to clear from the camps. >> merkel indicated there was going to be a proceeding of the evacuation of the camps in the coming week. we will see how calm german politics will become then. >> angela merkel's office promptly denied the claim, the chancellor and the french president had not discussed rahm in germany. most of germany's roma live in homes and hospitals, not in camps like those in france. >> in germany, there are repatriations. regardless of the country of origin, they are only carried out after a review of individual cases. that is the law in our country. anything else would not be permitted. >> sarkozy's clan that germany was prepa
Sep 16, 2010 7:00pm PDT
ministers from the 27 eu member countries reached the decision on thursday. last october south korea and the eu provisionally agreed to conclude an fta designed to phase out tariffs on most industrial and agricultural products. however, afterward italy strongly opposed the deal on the grounds that cutting eu tariffs on south korean cars could greatly affect its auto industry. at thursday's meeting eu foreign ministers took italy's concerns into consideration and decided to delay the launch of the fta by six months. the two sides also agreed that emergency restrictions would be issued when imports of compact cars and other vehicles from south korea suddenly increase. >> it is i think a very big step, a very big step in opening markets in asia for our companies. >> the fta document will be officially signed at the eu-korea summit. that's the eu-south korea summit on october 6th. >>> and now we check out the latest in business news. here's ines matsuyama. >> thanks, catherine. >>> tokyo stocks continued to rise on wednesday morning thanks to japan's recent moves to weaken the yen. the nikke
Sep 14, 2010 2:30pm PDT
of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens, answers. >> france in disgrace, the eu commission threatens paris with legal action over is deportation of the roma minority. instability threatens to destabilize the peace talks before it even starts. welcome to bbc world news broadcast to you on pbs in america. coming up later for you. what happens when india's baby boomers get old? the extraordinary life of one british woman who kept the secrets of her life hidden until the day she died. >> it is not often that you see one of the european union's members reprimanded by brussels but the justice commissioner has described the deportation of roma gypsies as a disgrace and probably in the breach of eu law. france has disrupted more than 100 of their camps and has exported more than 1000 back to romania. >> before dawn, the french police ruth -- move into the roman camp as the families are taken away. many are given 300 euros to leave the country. the french government says that they are leaving voluntarily. the people say that they are being deported because of their ethnic background
Aug 31, 2010 6:00pm PDT
of friends met to discuss competition and progress on privatisation. according to eu law, the rail sectors should be completely liberalized by now in both nations, but in reality, those plans have gotten a little bit off track. >> this german i.c.e. is from sugar, and france will take passengers in the other direction. three years ago, deutsche a bond joined forces with its french counterpart to provide high- speed service between the two countries, but the joint venture is now threatening to derail. the french accused the germans are only paying lip service to liberalization. they also complain that a door to a bond subsidiary and not a neutral body divides routes between competitors. the germans accused sncf of maintaining a monopoly on domestic passenger travel, while running passenger services in germany through a subsidiary. deutsche upon urgently wants to resolve the conflicts, so it can test its high-speed ice 3 on the title bout between paris and london, but that would challenge the french monopoly and the french blocked deutsche a bond was last at 10, saying the german hig
Sep 16, 2010 7:00am EDT
against aggressive forms of secularism. eu leaders are meeting in brussels today in a summit overshadowed by the fight between the french government and the european commission over the treatment of thousands of roma emigrants. nicolas sarkozy has ordered police to deport hundreds of roma from other eu member states. the twister and called this disgraceful. -- the commissioner called this disgraceful. rita, this was not supposed to be on the agenda, but it is clear that this is going to dominate the summit. >> yes, the main focus of the summit is meant to be about opening up trade links with the east, namely with india and china. as you said, it has been overshadowed by the fight between the eu commissioner and the french government. when president nicolas sarkozy arrived this morning, all the questions by reporters were about the affair. he did not say anything. he's expected to talk about it later today. the heads of states have a working lunch and there is an assumption that it will be raised during that president. -- during that period. he is expected to respond. >> there
Sep 14, 2010 6:00pm PDT
being expelled from marseille not \ . the eu justice minister used extremely harsh words to criticize france. >> this is something that europe should not have to witness again after the second world war. i have made crystal clear my doubts about the legality of the french measure. >> at a meeting two weeks ago, the french immigration minister assured brussels that no ethnic group was being singled out for deportation, but a league official memo released on monday contradicts this. -- a leaked official memo. this could be a direct contradiction to the law. -- to eu law. >> after 11 years, i even go further. this is a disgrace. >> france is now facing fastrac legal proceedings. it stands accused of violating the right of the citizens to free movement. the french ministry has once again defended its actions, saying the expulsions are legitimate and necessary. >> i ask for more on this outspoken condonation of french policy by the european commission -- i asked for more pay >> they are still reading from this. -- getting over this. this was a carefully considered speech. it was talked abo
Sep 16, 2010 6:00pm EDT
years. eu summit rows. the french president vows to press on. >> frenchmen and women have to know that this policy will continue while strictly abiding by the letter and spirit of our republican laws. >> welcome to "bbc world news" -- broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and also or around the globe. coming up later, women in a man's world. the dangers of being a female candidate in afghanistan's elections. and when millions of its people face hunger, why does niger continue to export food. -- why does niger continue to export food? hello. it is the first state visit by a pope since the 16th century when henry viii broke from rome and formed the anglican church. some 450 years later, this visit is not without controversy. the pope has been forced to of knowledge failings' over pedophile priests, and he issued a warning about the dangers of what he called aggressive secularism in britain. in a moment, a report on the significance of the day for scotland's roman catholics here first, a look at the occasion of protocol with religious fervor. >> it was as the pope's aircraft brought
Sep 13, 2010 6:00pm PDT
brussels on monday, and it is twice the economic forecast for the 27- nation eu, in germany was leading the way. >> german factory figures are going along in high gear as order books across the country fill up. the latest forecast suggested the number of orders will be double the amount initially anticipated. germany's robust economic recovery seems to be taking many by surprise. the european union has almost tripled this year's growth forecast to 3.4%. growth in britain, france, in italy is expected to be below the eu average. in spain, d-con is expected to shrink. -- the economy is expected to shrink. >> there is no reason to shout or factory. -- for victory. we must remain vigilant amid the remaining uncertainties. >> the eu says the biggest threat is a slump in economic activity, which would put a damper on exports. >> international inspectors have begun a two-week review of greece's debt. they are expected to grant them loans worth 9 billion euros. meanwhile, the truckers' union is talking about more protests. there are long lines at gas stations in athens, fearing a repeat
Sep 27, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. the aim is to ensure more transparency about the finances of eu member states. there is a mechanism to impose strict penalties on countries which breach budget deficit rules. >> the sanctions need to be semi-automatic. secondly they need to occur early enough in the process that that are essentially preventative. >> the eu monetary affairs commission only once sanctions which can be implemented immediately but the german finance minister places more emphasis on the severity of any sanctions for excess deficits, such as the threat of losing e.u. voting rights. >> how far we can go depends on the current eu treaty. i think some suggestions would not be possible under the current treaty but luxembourg the support germany's suggestion of stronger sanctions. >> other countries including spain and france are skeptical. the question even semi-automatic sanctions. hermann von runway -- rompuy has to hammer out a compromise. >> dmitry medvedev visited china and the two countries signed a number of wide-ranging agreements including energy cooperation deals. that will feed china's massive grow
Sep 21, 2010 7:00pm PDT
supported a bid to overturn eu terrorists on high-tech consumer products. the eu will levy tariffs on electronic goods such as multifunction printers and liquid crystal displays for personal computers. japan, the u.s., and taiwan had filed a complaint with the world trade organization, saying that the eu's action goes against a previous wto agreement to scrap import duties on high-tech goods. last month a dispute settlement panel ruled in favor of japan and other economies. japan's economy trade and industry ministry says the country's multifunction printer imports to countries had tafshd of nearly $65 billion levied. >>> as the economy continues to struggle, japanese companies are looking abroad to expand their business. the move is prompting firms to hire employees who are proficient in english. and that trend has led to a surge in demand and cost for some english lessons. now, schools are offering educational bargains to reap profits from a rapidly growing industry. >> reporter: jun amemiya is a senior at university. he's set to work for an international hotel chain after he gradua
Sep 8, 2010 7:00pm PDT
tests on eu banks. it comes after a leading u.s. newspaper questioned their credibility. the stress tests are meant to gauge the health of european banks. they were introduced to restore confidence in the financial system after the greek credit crisis. but on tuesday the "wall street journal" published an article questioning the effectiveness of the tests. it said that some lenders' holders of potentially risky government debt had been understated. the article triggered yet another fall of the euro against the dollar and yen and a sell-off of bank shares. on wednesday, the committee of european banking supervisors released a statement defending the tests. it said that the debt disclosures had greatly enhanced transparency. the eu authorities assessed the soundness of 91 financial institutions. in july they announced that most of them have no problem. >>> tokyo stocks rebounded on thursday morning after overnight gains on wall street and european markets. the nikkei 225 ended the morning session up 0.8%, or 71 ticks, at 9,095. exporters led the advance as investors took their cue fro
Sep 10, 2010 6:00pm PDT
duties between the eu and south korea. >> resistance to the agreement is coming primarily from italy's car industry, which fears that south korea could easily flood the market and overwhelm local carmakers. but the italians are isolated, and the e.u. is certain they will come on board. >> the commission is saying we are confident this will not be agreed today, but it is the biggest single free-trade agreement the european union has concluded with any country anywhere and they're desperate to get it done and they think will be signed by all 27 countries in october at a special summit in brussels. >> companies are looking forward to a major boost from the free- trade agreement. one study says european exports to south korea could rise by as much as 73%, to 45 billion euros. at the same time, eu imports from south korea could meet a 52 billion euros, an increase of 32%. south korea is already the fourth largest trading partner of the union. >>> the european union wants trade with pakistan to be easier to help them recover from devastating floods. foreign ministers met to consider
Sep 21, 2010 6:00pm PDT
during the second world war, which was criticized by nicolas sarkozy. the eu is said to be considering legal proceedings against france over its treatment of roma migrants. "just as commissioner earned the ire of the french government when she criticized the policy of deporting roma. paris slammed her allusion to nazi persecution as inappropriate for a member of the commission. reiding is untroubled by the diplomatic pressure. >> we have constructed this europe on values so that certain things never happen again. families are not deported because one member of the family has, in the eyes of a ruler, done something wrong. >> but for the eu commission and many parliamentarians, the dispute is much more fundamental. >> this power struggle is not new. it has been going on for ages. europe is all about deciding on a direction. it is either about setting europe up as a solution for worldwide problems or deciding to re-nationalize. >> redding says she still has to decide whether france's expulsion is in line with eu laws. if not, she will consider launching proceedings against par
Aug 31, 2010 5:30pm PDT
trader and head of friends met to discuss competition and progress on privatisation. according to eu law, the rail sectors should be completely liberalized by now in both nations, but in reality, those plans have gotten a little bit off track. >> this german i.c.e. is from sugar, and france will take passengers in the other direction. three years ago, deutsche a bond joined forces with its french counterpart to provide high- speed service between the two countries, but the joint venture is now threatening to derail. the french accused the germans are only paying lip service to liberalization. they also complain that a door to a bond subsidiary and not a neutral body divides routes between competitors. the germans accused sncf of maintaining a monopoly dostic ssenger tvel, while running passenger services in germany through a subsidiary. deutsche upon urgently wants to resolve the conflicts, so it can test its high-speed ice 3 on the title bout between paris and london, but that would challenge the french monopoly and the french blocked deutsche a bond was last at 10, saying the german hi
Sep 21, 2010 5:30am EDT
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Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm PDT
sse composite is up a quarter of a percent. >>> the eu agreed to create new agencies that will watch over the region's banks and insurers from next year. the agreement was reached in brussels on thursday by the european parliament and member states. the new watchdogs will oversee banks, insurers, and securities markets across the eu. they will have the power to give direct orders to financial institutions and to ban risky products. the new agencies will start operating in january next year. but concerns remain on how effective they will be in emergencies as member nations still remain supervisory power over institutions that are based in their own country. >>> the european central bank has left its main key interest rate unchanged at a record low for a 16th straight month. the central bank decided on thursday that the interest rate on the main refinancing operations will remain unchanged at exactly 1%. it made the decision for the 16-nation euro zone during a board meeting at its hblt headquarters in frankfurt, germany on thursday. >> i'm absolutely clear the governing council
Sep 10, 2010 5:30pm PDT
take place at the un general assembly. the un and the 22 eu members refuse to accept it, telling belgrade its own eu hopes would be jeopardized. belgrade agreed to change the text to one calling for dialogue with kosovo. >> the resolution welcomes the readiness of the european union to facilitate the process of dialogue. which would help to secure regional gains, and improved the lives. >> the resolution was unanimously accepted. this is a hugely important moment since serbia has given up its fight for kosovo. belgrade says it will never recognize the secession, but is prepared to direct talks. the message from serbia is it will not allow the cosimo issue to obstruct its own hopes. -- not allow the kosovo issue to obstruct its own hopes. >> we must not lose kosovo. >> board for the government, if it is an attempt to move on -- but for the government, it is an attempt to move on. >> latest headlines for you, a new report into the belgium sex abuse scandal claims it affected every catholic convert -- catholic congregation. this pastor has withdrawn his threat to burn copies of the
Sep 22, 2010 6:00pm PDT
health of women and children. >> european parliament approved sweeping regulation of the eu's financial services industry. >> and a scramble for resources in remote regions of the arctic. ♪ >> the un says it has raised more than 30 billion euros to fund health care for needy mothers and children. on the closing day at a summit dedicated to strategies for fighting poverty, secretary- general ban ki-moon said the government's, foundation of businesses have committed funds to that purpose. leaders from 140 countries have been attending the summit. u.s. president barack obama is due to address. >> the main goal is simple. there has been progress towards achieving it, but it has been far too slow. almost 1 billion people suffer from militant -- malnutrition today. the world's poorest countries still have a long way to go to me the other goals which include reversing the spread of aids and ensuring access to primary school education. despite new financial pledges and that's at the summit, there's no certainty is that there'll be enough money and political will to fulfill the plane
Sep 7, 2010 7:00am EDT
first state of the eu speech, and warned about jobs. how iraqis get on without a government. >> is 9:00 p.m. in the australian capital, where julia gillard has retained the office of prime minister. the inconclusive election last month left three mp's holding the balance of power. in the end, it fell to one of them to give his decisive backing to the labor leader. julia gillard says it is proof of a strong democracy. others say hers is a minority government, volatile to the winds of politician. >> it was the election campaign that lasted five weeks. the political deadlock that followed lasted 17 days. at times, the process felt like the movie open " groundhog day." it all boiled down to " independent state." it ended with labor day. >> often compared to a soap opera, it ended like the finale of a reality show. it all came down to two of the so-called three amigos, holders of the balance of power. >> my vote will be going to the gillard government. >> today i will do what i have always done, ironically, and give confidence. >> the election on august 21 ended on stalemate. neither part
Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm EDT
of movement of eu citizens and does not incorporate those rights in french law. france argues it can deport people who are judged a public security risk. the roma argue the european commission is doing too little to protect them. >> i am not surprised by the fact that the eu is for the moment extremely weak in the process. politicians from brussels have to understand they have no right to take compromise, any compromise regarding anybody even sarkozy. that means abandoning principles, and principals have no right to die. -- principles have no right to die. >> this has poisoned relations between france and the european commission. if you weeks ago, commissioner redding compared the actions to mass deportations by the nazis. >> this is a situation i thought europe would not have to witness again after the second world war. >> the french president was infuriated. >> everyone here was deeply shocked, especially given our wartime history. these words were deeply wounding and insulting to my fellow countrymen. >> the european commission has stopped short of immediate legal action over the
Sep 2, 2010 6:00pm PDT
forced taxpayers to shell out billions for bank bailouts. eu finance ministers are expected to formally endorsed the deal at a meeting in brussels next tuesday. the european parliament to give it its green light later this month. >> the e wants to improve its crisis management data during the financial crisis, each member country met its own decisions. but beginning next year, the 27- nation bloc could deal relying on a new pan-european financial authority. it would have the power to liquidate insolvent financial institutions bid up the authority could also issue direct orders to banks and insurance companies that are internationally active the agency would also be able to temporarily ban certain high- risk products such as naked short-selling. in addition, a special group attached to the european central bank would keep watch over the eu's entire financial system and issue warnings about potential economic risks if necessary. >> the royal bank of scotland has announced that it will be cutting another 3.5000 jobs. the layoffs will affect the and ministrations centers across britain. the
Sep 24, 2010 7:00am EDT
rome might call for higher emergency stops and greater transparency and serial transactions. the eu commission wants it extended to control such raw materials trading. others feel that those moves are misguided. >> i would say that is all the same thing happen in oil a while ago. it is a speculators driving it up. in the end, the speculators got burned. you can speculate, but it is a risky game. >> today, the smart money is on agriculture as food demand rises relentlessly. policymakers have been trying to curb speculation. they might end up introducing market controls. bbc news. >> the u.n. -- our guest is here in the gmt studio. explain to me what is going on here. is there genuinely a food shortage? is this about profiteering? >> the harvests of 2010 have been quite good. it is among the best of the past five years. >> why it's wheat at a two-year high? >> it shows how the markets are. there are some that harvests -- bad harvests in russia and canada. the traders panicked. this creates a situation that is quite irrational. it is detached from the fundamentals of supply and demand.
Sep 10, 2010 7:00am EDT
to accept this, telling belgrade its own eu hopes would be jeopardized. belgrade agreed to change the text. the foreign minister of serbia presented the new document. >> the resolution welcomes the readiness of the european union to fulfilfacilitate. it would help to secure regional gains, reenforce strategic priorities, and improve the lives of the people on the ground. >> the resolution was unanimously accepted. this is a hugely important moment. serbia has given up its diplomatic fight for kosovo. belgrade says it will never recognize the unilateral secession, but it is ready for direct talks. the message from kosovserbia is that it will not allow the kosovo issue to obstruct its own eu hopes. >> the original resolution was correct, this man said. we must not lose kosovo. >> for the government, it's an attempt to move on. the beginning of the end of the kosovo problem. bbc news, belgrade. >> this is gmt on "bbc world news." the headlines -- a small american church has put on hold plans to burn copies of the koran. there has been violent protesting in afghanistan. a huge explosion a
Sep 27, 2010 7:00pm EDT
at a meeting of 27 leaders in mid-september. the eu justice commissioner commissioner-- linked french's frances expulsion to the-- ban. >> i personally have been appalled by a situation which gave the impression that the people are being removed from a member state of the european union just because they belong to an ethnic minority. this is a situation i have fought europe and would not have to witness again after the second world war. >> commissioner redding later acknowledged that the comparison was exaggerated but sarkozy replied andry. >> all heads of state and government were shocked by the outrageous statements made by the vice president of the commission. it was deeply shocking to see someone page such historically charged remarks that have profoundly hurt the whole of our countrymen. >> as this rona community on the outskirts of paris, the trailer home form a makeshift street. children run around and women cook for their families but life is tough. most rona don't speak french and know they are ron the fringes of society. >> i have been living here for ten years. i don
Sep 26, 2010 10:00am EDT
recovery. stress tests in the eu and us show that banks are, on the whole, healthy. but as concerns over european sovereign debt and some heavily leveraged balance sheets still ripple through financial circles, there may yet be more stormy waters ahead. >>maughan: banks need to significantly boost the deposits that they take from the customer base andprobably will have to downsize their loan portfolios, and while that's at odds with the government's desire to see the banks lending more to mortgages and more to small business, the reality is the uk economy is heavily indebted through the banking sector and by rebalancing their businesses the banks will necessarily have to reduce the amount of loans relative to the deposits they take in. >>reporter: banks have spent the last decade pulling out the high street to reduce costs and tryingto push customers onto the internet; but now as credit dries up, many retail banks are turning their attention back to the branches. this may not be a cheap option- but it does at least help reduce unemployment... >>russell: after the turbulence of the financ
Sep 1, 2010 5:00pm PDT
japan and the eu nations. kan agreed and stressed the importce of an ely srt to talks. >> a team of experts from the u.s. space agency nasa has advised chilean officials to be honest with the 33 miners trapped deep in a mine about how long it is likely to take to get them out the ur-member team met chile's health minister and other officials in the country's capital santiago on tuesday. speaking to reporters after the meeting, the nasa experts expressed concern over the miners' weight loss. they say the priorities include increasing the miners' calorie intake, getting them on a regular sleep schedule, and at the request of the chilean government nasa dispersed a team to share knowledge gleaned from prolonged stays in confined areas by astronauts on space missions. chilean workers on monday ben drilling a shaft to rescue the trapped miners and reportedly managed to excavate eight meters. about 1% of the target depth in a little less than 24 hours. >>> japanese prime minister naota kan has been in the top job for less than three months. a powerful member of his ruling democratic party
Sep 29, 2010 3:30am PDT
working with the eu -- ec and the industry. the commission itself, commissioner joseph an interim director kane are part of this. this is nothing that was done outside of the commission's realm, but there was great enthusiasm and effort on behalf of the industry professionals, so i'm going to ask the inspector to go over a brief overview of the items. i do not think we need to address every one of them at this point. ? -- at this point. i think it is only were the that we go over these issues in detail, so, inspector? >> good evening takoma commissioners, vice chair joseph, president. -- good evening. this was a collaborative effort between the police department, the commission, as well as people recognized as industry leaders, and we came together with the goal of how we can make clubs safer, and i am just going to do a brief overview so we do not belabor the light note -- night. we will be grouped into three things. what we believe would be wise and prudent, mandated conditions that could potentially be with your approval going on with licenses. then we go into recession spc 2 t
Sep 22, 2010 12:30am PDT
deal to get a large bailout from the eu. he argues by allowing new truck drivers to go into business freight costs will fall. greek mp's are due to vote on wednesday. many say they will not rest until this is blocked. >> this is "bbc world news." buried under a norwegian mound. the military has quarters ready and less -- in case the arctic becomes a global background. the fed was ready to take more action to support the economy. >> it sounds great, who doesn't want to pay less for things? but the central bank is worried prices are falling too low. that could be bad for investors and businesses. ben bernanke and his team are not ready to provide additional stimulus. one of weeks but remains jobs. >> the biggest problem in the economy is we have lackluster jobs growth. it starts at the small and medium business level. >> it would be a job creator but he has been rejected for financing banks. he is actually turning down work because they cannot afford to take it on. >> if is a very big product -- project that will pay us a lot of money we probably will not take it. >> the longe
Sep 5, 2010 10:30am EDT
government program after another, irish money, eu money, did not change until the economy took off because of computers. it had nothing to do with government programs. american computer companies discovered you could meld irish literacy with computer programming to enormously good effect. it changed everything. around the world, i have never seen government programs really produce. we expect governments to solve unemployment. our unemployment, which we are really upset about, and deservedly so, is not 22%. 9%, 10%. an awful lot of people are at work. things are not as that -- bad. perhaps the permanent problem is the stagnation of wages, which keeps us depressed. >> i agree with you. the government does not put people to work. the government does not create jobs. what we have to have -- we need a renaissance in private industry. we do that by giving businesses tax breaks and letting the business community know what is coming. let businesses do what they do best, create jobs. >> we have to look of the changing world and the reset. what do you think? >> i think there are other things at work th
Aug 31, 2010 6:30pm PDT
member states in the eu are finding less and less immigration. pepople are happy to stay home, if there is work. >> thank you for coming and sharing your ideas about immigration. the member for of 1981 i came to the united states -- november 1981 and came to the united states. i have been a resident of san francisco or the past few years. -- for the past 20 years.
Sep 10, 2010 12:30am PDT
its own eu membership application. andia heeded that cfalall change the text. it opens the way for direct negotiations between serbia and kosovo for the first time since independence. >> have we have reaction from the kosovo authorities? >> there has been a really positive reaction from the kosovo authorities. they welcome the new resolution. they want to have direct talks with serbia, but they only want to talk to serbia as a sovereign reaching independent state. they will not talk to serbia if the talks involve talks about future status. it seems like the two will not sit -- sit down at the negotiation table, supervised by brussels. they are eyeing the prize of membership in the european union. this will finally move forward. it seems this might be a turning point into one of europe's most intractable conflicts. people are now saying this perhaps marked the beginning of the end of the kosovo problem. >> a california federal judge has ruled the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the u.s. military is unconstitutional. the judge said the law violates free-speech and fundamental ri
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